15 years ago we nearly half a world apart we both took a chance on a dream, The Dream of Finding True Love.

We submitted our information to a small print magazine that catered to women/men who are seeking true love. We were looking for someone special, to fall in love, and to get married. A dream we wanted fulfilled. Not long afterward a man in the United States took a chance on ordering that very magazine. He had grown tired of looking for “Miss Right” and coming up empty handed, he was hoping to meet the woman of his dreams.

We two started to get to know each other by writing letters. Starting off as a ‘pen-pals” we soon were writing letters constantly. This led to telephone calls, and eventually meeting each other in person. We knew in our hearts that we had found each other to share our lives with. We are now finally found what we were seeking, true love. We took a chance, and today we have been happily married for 15 years.

In 2006 we started a print magazine similar to the one where we found each other, but we made it full color and actively updated our listing. We did this in hopes that we could bring other together like ourselves, and it has truly paid off. We receive letters and emails from happy couples that have found their true love through our magazine. That is the ultimate goal and purpose here at Discover Single World, to bring people together.

As we looked around it was easy to find “dating” sites popping up almost daily on the Internet.  The problem is that they seemed like they were created simply to take your money. Some offered “FREE TRIALS”, while others had professionally photographed models all over their website. The common thing we found at each and every site was that they charged a subscription or membership fee. You have to keep paying these site in order to keep talking to and meeting people. That did not seem very fair to us.

We wanted to bring something different, something unique and fair to Everyone. With this in mind, was born. We soon proudly offer both an Instant PDF downloadable magazine online. We do offer Full Colored Printed Magazine. We charge a reasonable one-time fee per issue. Free membership. Giving you and everyone a chance to find a dream, The Dream of Finding True Love.